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Area in the Center of Germany

The Rhine-Main area is one of the most important economy centers of Germany. Ever after, where the limits are pulled, five million people live only just here on about 11,000 square kilometers in good 400 municipalities. There are about 2.2 million jobs. The center forms the "only" 600,000 for city Frankfurt counting inhabitants ". The Rhine-Main Area also includes Wiesbaden and Mainz in the West, Darmstadt in the South, Bad Homburg, Bad Vilbel und Friedberg at the North and Offenbach as well as Hanau in the East. And the Rhine-Main area surrounds even Heidelberg and the Rheingau for some. In the region there are five universities, one half dozen for and technological highschools for several art and church universities and private academies like this one for European business for School on castle Reichartshausen in Oestrich-Winkel and the university for bank economy in Frankfurt technical.

70 per cent of the gross net product in the region comes from the service line of business. Itself it is primarily the banks and finance service providers who dominate everything in Frankfurt. Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, Hypobank, DG and GZ Bank: 430 credit institutions sit here. This one collects at Hanaue Landstrasse in the east of the town for himself at the "Silicon Alley" for the internet and multimedia agencies. De-Cix, the biggest net knot of Germany over which 85 per cent of the German internet traffic runs, also is part of it. For some years the wildest night life also has raged here.

And then still there is the Old Economy in the Rhine-Main area of course. Of the 100 largest production enterprises of Germany a fifth has his head office here. Everyone is there: Braun, Wella, Procter & Gamble, strength of Jacobs Suchard, Merck, Siemens. Opel into snout home is the greatest employer of the region with about 60,000 employees. The Fraport recently gone public runs the Frankfurt airport and has 14,200 employees. Also Neckermann sits in Frankfurt. And the successors Hoechst-group: Aventis pharmaceutical, Celanese, Clariant.

In a survey of the enterprises on the locational factors Frankfurt am Main comes onto the note 2.43 and lies on place 1, clear with that in front of Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. Further towns of the Rhine-Main area are found on place 2 and 3 with Offenbach and Aschaffenburg. Wiesbaden and Limburg rank the top Ten also under in Germany. This is a testimonial for the special economic power of the complete region Frankfurt Rhine-Main. As special locational advantages for the region Frankfurt Rhine-Main the enterprises see the good traffic infrastructure.

The places with the highest millionaire density of Germany also lie in the Rhine-Main area.

Before the gates of Frankfurt the Taunus lies. The low mountain range is part of the approaching recreation areas of the conurbation. It contains the touristic attractions Saalburg, the only rebuild roman fort at the former limes as wel as the Castles of Eppstein, Königstein and Falkenstein, Kronberg und Oberreifenberg, the Bad Homburger castle and several thermal baths whose origins also go back till the roman time.

The idyllic landscapes, comfortable place with half-timbered houses and romantic angles, his walks and cider bars characterize the extensive relaxation and vacation area.

The Rheingau with the elegant provincial capital Wiesbaden, also called "Nizza of the north", is due to the south tendencies of the Taunus, the Rhine to its feet. It is part of the most beautiful wine cultivable areas of Europe

The region also counts the world-famous small wine town Rüdesheim as one of the great attractions of this region but famous villages like Kiedrich, Oestrich-Winkel, Lorch and Eltville with his impressive electoral castle, these aren't less remarkable primarily with wine and champagne experts.

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